How do we connect the 54 million or 60 million or 64 million disabled Americans (however you count us), our families, our friends… allies, businesses, not-for-profits, grass roots groups, new leaders, experts, “newbies”, …everyone together?

… and let’s not forget our more than 1 billion peers outside of the US.

I think we start by simply deciding to be a community together. Because we know we are much better together than we are separately.

That by helping each other, we will all do better.

That is what the Disabilities United Association wants to be.

Maybe we’ll form an AARP for disability, maybe we’ll have a Disabilities United Credit Union, or a TV network, or a venture capital fund, a directory, or a newsletter, or magazine, or all of these things and others we can dream about… many things are possible together.

But, we are just beginning.

If you’re just curious – send an email to; … and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Or, if you’re ready to take a bigger step, we’re trying to pull together 1000 charter members to launch.

No money. As few pieces of information as you want to share.

Just a promise to sign on when we’ve reached 1000 members.

Membership Pledge Form


    There is a VERY long way to go – from you and me and other charter members to “the greater disability community and their allies”. Here’s how I think we can move forward:

    1. Today. Call for charter members (you are here), information site, networking via Twitter Launch newsletter (coming soon).
    2. 1000 members. Formal Launch. Add online service to donate to disability community not-for-profits, grass-roots organizations, and advocacy groups and corresponding entities (form association and 501c3). Add referral program support for not-for-profits.
    3. 5000 members. Add online “business badge” for disability community supporting companies, web sites, and individuals.
    4. 10,000 members. Add business directory. Add physical “badge’ for businesses and organizations supporting the disability community.
    5. 25,000 members. Add app to find local disability supporting businesses.


    Would you like to help?

    If you are an individual, organization, or business who would like to help or if you have suggestions – email me at:

    Thank you.


    Steve Davis