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where businesses, products, schools, government, everything is designed and built from Day One to be accessible to everyone.

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where EVERYONE is welcomed to work, buy, lead, organize, teach, learn... every form of participation regardless of ability or status - all abilities, all disabilities.

Deliberately democratic

where we are all engaged and empowered in our communities, working together to make things better for everyone. This is a journey to better for all of us, not a destination.


Pride, Respect, Opportunity, Inclusion

You - joining together with the 60 million disabled Americans

You - joining together with companies reaching out to this $490 billion market

You - joining together to serve and represent the 1 in 5 disabled individuals, their families, their friends, their allies

You - supporting our 37,731 disability rights and services organizations in the US alone

Older man laughing together with teenager with Downs Syndrome

Disabled people: the world's fastest-growing minority

Four people talking at a bar, an African American man standing, a hispanic woman in a wheelchair, a man with an artificial leg leaning against the bar, and a woman sitting on a stool

More than 1 in 5 Americans are disabled

More than twice the population of Texas.

Bigger than California and New York together.

More than 26 US states combined.

60 million disabled Americans. 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide.

There are about as many disabled Americans as those of Hispanic ethnicity or senior citizens 65 and older.

... and that is before you include:

  • Our families
  • Our friends and
  • Our allies.

And you.

We are all on this journey together.

One united disability community.

One disability community united to help each other in our quest for opportunity, equity, and justice.


“There are still a lot of disparaging images in advertising and broadcast of events involving those with disabilities. Even the Paralympic Games, the images are designed to warm and fuzzy, different from other athletes and people.”

- Bob Lujano, U.S. Paralympic athlete, rugby national champion

(In the UK) In 2016, the survey found that more than 4 million people abandoned a retail website because of the barriers they found, taking with them an estimated spend of £11.75 billion (US$ 16.45 billion). In 2019, that lost business, the ‘Click-Away Pound’, has grown to £17.1 billion (US$ 23.94 billion).

- The Click-Away Pound

An under-served market, an under-tapped labor pool

  • The total after-tax disposable income for working-age people with disabilities is about $490 billion, which is similar to that of other significant market segments, such as African Americans ($501 billion) and Hispanics ($582 billion).
  • Discretionary income for working-age people with disabilities is about $21 billion, which is greater than that of the African-American and Hispanic market segments combined.

AIR (2018)

  • At the same time,  in 2019, US Social Security paid an average monthly disability benefit of about $1,234 to all disabled workers. That is barely enough to keep a beneficiary above the 2018 poverty level ($12,140 annually). For many beneficiaries, their monthly disability payment represents most of their income.
  • In April 2021, the US employment rate for people with disabilities was 30.2 percent compared to non-disabled employment rate of 71.9 percent.

An employment rate gap of 41.7 percent.

Man on racing wheelchair

Powering the success of the disability community and its allies

If your business is committed to:

  • making your products and services accessible or serve the unique needs of disabled customers
  • having an inclusive business that welcomes disabled employees and develops disabled leaders

 66% of viewers of captioned TV are more likely to buy a product that has a captioned commercial; 53% will actively seek out products advertised with captions; and, 35% will switch to brands that use captioned ads.

-National Captioning Institute

Woman sitting in wheelchair next to man holding "We are all human" sign

37,731 disability organizations... and counting

For individuals and businesses:

  • How do you find the disability organization you need?
  • Does it exist?
  • Can you trust them?
  • How can you support them?

For disability not-for-profits and organizations

  • How does your disability organization get found?
  • How do you get funding?
  • How do you reach out to your community?

While we've got a long way to go, we're trying to make it easier.

Get found and funded through Disabilities United Association and Disabilities United Fund.

A portion of every individual and business membership is directed to the organizations of their choice or our umbrella fund to support strengthening all our disability organizations.


“We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.”

- Steve Wonder

Group photo of disability rights activists

Leadership and Advocacy

Senator Tammy Duckworth being sworn in by Joseph Biden

There has been a vibrant community of activists and advocates in the disability community at least since the 1960s.

However, just 3 percent of political appointees in the Biden presidency self-identified as disabled (making the disability community one of the most under-represented groups within the US with over 20% of the population being disabled)... and this was the first time that this number was even reported.

There are very few elected political leaders, PACs, or other advocacy organizations that can directly lobby, contribute to campaigns, and drive policy.

Our focus is on supporting and developing political leaders, campaigners, and policy advocates and organizations so that the disability community can lead.

DUA members can direct additional donations to help develop and support the disability community's policy and political capacity.

Not about us, without us, is a call to action for all of us